When all Honda NSR rider’s have the same passion…


Rainny couldn’t stop them to start their engine and go for along journey. From Jogja, Klaten and Semarang the distance about 600km, start at 3 o’clock pm till 5am it’s just hapiest ever that NSR rider feel. 13 hour on this journey , strong passion with great attitude….NRC (NSR Community) 2nd birthday 16 Marc 2013 was held at BUPERTA CIBUBUR East Jakarta yesterday..beside that NSR Bogor, NMC Depok, NSR Bekasi and many more..


The 2 stroke legend from Mick Doohan era was affect in to their brain, GP 500 wannabe and the Racing bike style looks not only as a fashion but this activity of the community also collect every 2 stroke NSR bike from all type to conserve  from an extinction. I just say….hoo yaa, salute”, I like this bike also, sold legal in 1994 the Blue White colour scheme very attract me that time, i just only RXZ 2 stroke with 135 cc class bike with old techo then see the watercooled, 150cc with RC valve nice and fast bike…that the time while Mick Doohan win GP500  grandprix season. What amazing bike…this bike has a embosed Honda Racing on the right engine block cover, i thought Japun(Honda Japan) engineer want show others competitor that he has a strong and fast bike to race….and this bike really from circuit technology go for daily use bike.

Nano as this community leader( NRC) said, “we just wanna silaturahmi for all NSR rider that we are 2 stroke biker’s cares each other for this awesome bike to conserve the NSR from extinction”. (danspeed-Bikeart 2013)


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