Man Behind Underbone Four Stroke Engine…


Anggie Permana


Sigit PD

Still young, talented athelete has a good stamina and always figth till the end of race, can you believe that they usually race 2 times with a rapid time, from one to other race in one day…some times 2 – 3 time when they’re still beginner. Look all this underbone rider faces…many girls around and lot of money of course, The First World of selling cup motorcycle tipe, its in Indonesia…., Do you have a Yamaha R1 or do have a CBR 1000RR brand new….that’s just a minor selling of each factory in the world, this is the real bike the most million peaces of selling in Indonesia, can you guess why all MotoGP rider always come to my country. That’s was great and awesome to see them, when their race action has been held..

(photo/written by Danspeed-Bikeart2013)


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